Beth Brown

Cardio Kickboxing

Meet Beth, our cardio kickboxing trainer at BlackEye Athletics, who honed her skills on the mat as a student, owner, and now trainer who focuses on guiding individuals towards their fitness goals. Beth’s classes offer a mix of techniques, strength training, and cardio exercises utilizing various equipment.

Beth’s primary focus is on the overall fitness benefits of cardio kickboxing, including increased energy, improved health, strength gains, and enhanced confidence. She motivates her students with positive reinforcement and encourages them to push past their limits to avoid plateauing in their fitness journey.

Emphasizing inclusivity and support, Beth’s advice to newcomers is to simply start and remember that everyone begins their fitness journey with little to no knowledge. By staying current with industry trends and continuously educating herself through videos and diverse workout formats, Beth ensures her classes remain innovative and effective.

As an instructor, Beth’s ultimate goal is to help every participant in her class become healthier, stronger, and more confident, guiding them towards their individual fitness goals and empowering them to become 1% Better Each Day. With over a decade of personal experience in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu, Beth brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her classes, offering a rewarding fitness journey for all at BlackEye Athletics.