Tyro Jitz Rules


Tyro Jitz is a grappling tournament that provides an opportunity for BJJ practitioners to test their skills in competition. The tournament is open to all competitors that hold the rank of White or Blue belt. All ages and affiliations are welcome to compete for recognition and awards. Tyro Jitz offers a new experience with a high standard that is unmatched in the Jiu Jitsu industry.

​BlackEye Athletics is fully committed to enhancing the sport of Jiu Jitsu and dedicated to bringing the best tournament experience to our competitors. See you on the mat. OSSU!


All matches will take place on open mats. Competitors are required to wear the following protective gear:

  • GI
  • Belt
  • Mouth Guard

*Competitors are allowed to wear ear protection and tape their hands.


Weigh-ins will take place the day of the competition. Each competitor will be matched according to rank, weight, age and gender.


Competitors are encouraged to register online before the event. You will also be able to register at the door so long as there are still available slots.


​Participants will be grouped into weight divisions to ensure fair competition. Weight classes will be determined by the tournament organizer.

​Matches will have a duration of 5 minutes for white belts and 6 minutes for blue belts.

​Points will be awarded for specific actions and positions; takedowns, sweeps, guard passes, mount control, and back control.

​Participants can win a match by submitting their opponent through techniques; joint locks (armlocks, leglocks) or chokes. Heel hooks and neck cranks are prohibited. Any competitor attempting those techniques will be disqualified from their match and suspended from competing in future tournaments.

​If neither participant manages to secure a submission or score enough points to win, the referee will make a decision based on factors such as dominance, aggression, and control during the match.

Competitors are required to wear a traditional Gi (kimono).

​It’s essential for all participants to show respect and good sportsmanship during the tournament. This includes bowing before and after the match and demonstrating fair play.

​The safety of all participants is of utmost importance. Actions that may intentionally harm or cause the opponent unnecessary pain will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification and suspension.


  • Takedown – 2 points: A clear and controlled takedown where you bring your opponent from a standing position to the ground while keeping dominantly on top.
  • Guard or Sweeps – 2 points: Achieving a dominant position from the guard (underneath) or sweeping your opponent from a disadvantageous position to an advantageous one.
  • Mount – 4 points: Maintaining a fully dominant position on top of your opponent’s chest while having your legs straddling their body.
  • Back mount – 4 points: Holding a dominant position where you mount your opponent’s back, with both your legs wrapped around their waist and securing control over their upper body.
  • Knee-on-Belly – 2 points: Controlling your opponent with one knee firmly placed on their stomach while keeping your other leg free.
  • Passing the Guard – 3 points: Advancing from a disadvantageous position to a dominant position by passing your opponent’s guard and establishing control on top of them.


First, Second and Third place medals will be awarded to competitors who place.